Aiman Khan spills the beans on her perfect skin, hair

The starlet, in a live insta session, shared the easiest ways to achieve flawless skin and gorgeous hair

Aiman Khan spills the beans on her perfect skin, hair

Aiman Khan has quite a following on Instagram. The Pakistani actor, who also happens to be the most followed celebrity in the country, has an online family of over 7.5 million on the app.

Khan has always been very active on Instagram and recently, she held a live Insta session for her fans. The Baandi star herein talked about her life, career, baby girl Amal and even shared a few beauty tips and tricks she swears by.

In the same session, many asked Khan secret behind her flawless skin and gorgeous locks. Talking about the same, Khan revealed oiling has proven to be the best thing for her hair. “I do oiling twice or thrice a week because I think our hair is dyed and straightened so no shampoo or treatment can nourish them properly," she said. "I use Bodyshop products and love their range. Personally, I am using their coconut oil and it’s really nice”

As for her skincare regime, the starlet said, “Actually, I don’t do anything. I don’t do it on daily basis. I use Aloe Vera gel that I bought it from a medical store and apply it on my skin. Otherwise, I use Bodyshop stuff for skin too. As I said, I find it very beneficial.”

Khan claimed she does not enjoy facial treatments much. “I don’t go for facials and masks because I think I get pimples after I do. But I believe drinking a lot of water and eating fruits is best for your skin.”

The actor made headlines back in 2018 when she tied the knot with co-star Muneeb Butt. While many Twitter users termed it a “marathon wedding,” others called the artists out for wasting money on over-the-top and extravagant festivities.

Last year, she addressed the criticism of her wedding during an appearance on Samina Peerzada's show. “We received a hefty amount of criticism over our long wedding but we didn’t pay any heed to the haters. People are meant to say bad things and so we did not ponder over the critics,” shared Khan.

“From where did you gather the courage for your wedding events, which started off with an engagement and went on for a month until the final reception?” questioned Peerzada. Responding to her, Khan revealed she and Butt had not planned on having such a lavish wedding initially.

“We did not plan to have a pomp and showy engagement ceremony but almost all of Minal (Aiman’s twin sister) and my friends are in showbiz and so they had to be on the guest list. No one in mine or Muneeb’s family has had such a big engagement.”

Khan revealed the couple hosted a total of 10 events, running from November 17 until December 2. “Just like the engagement, we had not planned a month-long wedding either. But, it all happened itself. Muneeb and I were extremely tired by the end of it too but we enjoyed ourselves a lot.”

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