Tomato prices surge up to Rs200 per kg in Karachi

ISLAMABAD - Inflation rises for the seventh straight week despite Prime Minister Imran Khan’s notices. In Karachi, the price of tomato reached Rs200 per kg, while in different cities, the price of tomato increased by Rs100 per kg in a month.

Tomato prices surge up to Rs200 per kg in Karachi

According to details, twenty-five essential items, including sugar, flour, poultry, eggs and tomatoes, has become more expensive in one week including LPG.

The Prime Minister took notice of the rise in inflation last week and announced measures but the people could not get any relief.

According to the weekly report of the Bureau of Statistics, inflation has increased by 0.45% in recent weeks. The price of chicken has gone up by Rs26 per kg, eggs by Rs9 per dozen and sugar by Rs2.9 per kg.

Tomatoes went up by Rs4, a 20-kg bag of flour by Rs4 while a domestic LPG cylinder by Rs41.

According to the statistics agency, prices of 9 items including onions, potatoes and pulses declined in the last week while prices of 17 items remained stable.

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