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‘Green booger’: Cardi B’s latest look sparks flurry of memes


While Cardi B is known for her eccentric sense of style, many believe she has gone too far with her latest look.

The rapper made quite the statement when she stepped out on Sunday in Paris rocking a quirky outfit.

The WAP hit-maker donned a bright green look that consisted of a skintight, gloved top with a pair of pleated parachute pants that covered her feet.

Adding another element to the eerie outfit, the rapper wore what seems to be a frilly head accessory.

Needless to say, the look did not sit well with social media users as a flurry of memes soon sprung up comparing her to a variety of things.

“She cute always but that look like a Teletubbies outfit,” one user wrote.

“Somebody. Please… Photoshop her into sun baby from Teletubbies,” another wrote.

Meanwhile others compared her to Baby Bop from Barney & Friends while others said she looked like a “green booger”. 

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