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Live: ‘Comedy King’ Umer Sharif passes away


Umer Sharif was under treatment at a hospital in Germany. According to details, his health deteriorated during dialysis. He was en route to the US for medical treatment when his health condition worsened.

ISLAMABAD: “Comedy King” Umer Sharif passed away today after his health deteriorated further during treatment at a hospital in Germany, 

Umer Sharif had been admitted to a hospital in Germany’s Nuremberg on Wednesday after his health condition deteriorated during his flight to the United States. He was shifted to the hospital after the air ambulance carrying Umer Sharif made a scheduled landing in Germany.

Dr Tariq Shahab, who was looking after the ailing comedian’s medical arrangements, had said that Umer Sharif was undergoing a dialysis process at the hospital. Doctors might allow the legendary artist to fly if his condition remained stable during the dialysis, he added.

Umer Sharif is being given the best medical treatment at the state-of-the-art hospital in Germany, he had said, adding that he was in contact with the doctors and held teleconferences on daily basis.

Umer Sharif contracts pneumonia

Earlier on September 30, Pakistani comedian Umer Sharif had contracted pneumonia during his travel to the US, according to the team of doctors looking after him.

Dr Tariq Shahab revealed that the actor had been diagnosed with the disease. He had hinted that doctors had advised Sharif to be provided medical care for at least two days before he resumes travel to the US.

“Umer Sharif will undertake the rest of the journey only after the doctors in Nuremberg allow it,” Dr Shahab had said.

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