Twinkle Khanna compares Aryan Khan's arrest to this 'Squid Game' episode

Twinkle Khanna compares Aryan Khan's arrest to this 'Squid Game' episode

Former Bollywood actress and superstar Akshay Kumar's wife, Twinkle Khanna, claims Indian has been playing its own version of Squid Game over a number of years.

Turning to her Instagram on Sunday, the mother-of-two compared starkid Aryan Khan's arrest to episode five of the South-Korean show, where players compete for each other's marbles.

“Each player is given ten marbles and must get their opponent’s marbles by competing in any game of their choosing. In this episode, one of the strongest candidates is badgered and ultimately bamboozled into losing his marbles. I seem to have misplaced mine as well when I read the news about Shah Rukh Khan’s son’s arrest," Twinkle began in her post.

Twinkle then highlighted the lack of evidence against Aryan as she wrote, “While his friend was apparently carrying 6 gm of charas, there is reportedly no evidence of possession by Aryan Khan. Yet, the young boy has been languishing in Arthur Road jail for almost two weeks now.”“I suppose I feel like emulating one of Arnab’s dramatic proclamations where he once said, ‘Mujhe drug do, mujhe drugs do,’ because I need some heavy-duty psychotropic substances to make sense of this development, Twinkle concluded with a satirical anecdote of with famous Indian journalist Arnab Goswami.

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